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QUESTION: What are the conditions for starting the heating period?

ANSWER: The heat connection procedure is very simple and takes up to 3 hours. To do this, the building manager must ensure that all interior preparation work has been completed. Subsequently, he will address his technical passport to the company's headquarters, depending on the sector. Termoelectrica S.A. specialists will make the last checks and, in the shortest time, the building block will have hot radiators.

According to art. 6, Government Decision no. 434 of 09.04.1998 on the approval of the Regulation on the supply and use of heating energy, the commencement of the heating period for the consumers takes place after the registration of three daily days between 18.00 and 6.00, daily average values of the air temperature of +8 C or lower and heating off - after 3 consecutive days when the average outdoor air temperature exceeds +8 C, between 18.00 and 6.00.
Art. 6, Government Decision no. 434 of 09.04.1998 on the approval of the Regulation on the supply and use of thermal energy.

QUESTION: How is the water consumption invoiced?

ANSWER: In dwelling blocks where public water supply and sewerage service contracts are concluded with the dwelling manager, billing is performed on the basis of the tariffs approved for the provision of this service to the dwelling block and the water volume recorded by the meter commonly installed at the branch line, with the full volume distribution of the recorded water volume on the apartments.

The apartment's distribution of the water volume recorded by the common meter from the connection of the block is made on the basis of the meters installed in the apartments by the owners / tenants or, in the absence of the meters, according to the applied consumption norms. The volume recorded by the log of the block, but not distributed, based on the individual meter / consumption guidelines, is allocated additionally for each apartment.

QUESTION: I have installed an alternative heating source in the apartment. Why do I have to pay 10% for the heat consumed?

ANSWER: Considering the existence of normative thermal energy losses in technical rooms (technical floors and basements) that maintain the engineering systems of water supply and sewerage in the cold period, the necessity of heating the common use places and the impossibility of disconnecting the heating columns the consumer will pay the heating payment in the amount of: 10% - for the area of the disconnected rooms.

Annex no. 7, point 8, Government Decision no. 191 of 19.02.2002 regarding the approval of the Regulation on the provision and payment of housing, communal and non-communal services for the housing stock, the counting of the apartments and the conditions for their disconnection from / reconnection to the heating and water supply systems.

QUESTION: What are the consequences of non-compliance with the invoice payment deadline?

ANSWER: Non-payment in due time of the debt for consumption puts the supplier in a position to provide legal support to the Housing Fund Manager to call the courts and to collect the accumulated debts for the services rendered, the costs to be borne by you

QUESTION: How can I benefit from heating compensation?

ANSWER: Socially disadvantaged people in Chisinau can benefit from compensations for the payment of energy resources. Individuals will be compensated for the payment of energy resources, whose average monthly income in the calendar year does not exceed 3000 lei / person. The amount of the aid is 40% of the cost of the heating bill.

In this sense, you can apply to Municipal Enterprise Housing Management Enterprises (IMMFL) from October 15 of each year in which you will declare on their own responsibility that the average monthly average income per member of the family does not exceed 3000 ROL.

You can access the application layout and model here.