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LAW No. 75 of 30.04.2015 on housing

This law regulates the legal relations regarding housing immovable property, regardless of the type of property and their destination.


LAW No. 913 from March 30, 2000 the condominium in the housing stock

This law establishes property ownership relationships in the condominium, how to create, exploit, dispose of real estate and conveyance rights in the condominium, how to manage real estate, and how to set up, register, operate, and liquidate associations of co-owners in the condominium.


LAW No. 1402 of 24.10.2002 of the public services of communal household

This law establishes the unitary legal framework for the establishment and organization of public utilities in the administrative-territorial units, including the monitoring and control of their functioning.


LAW No. 1324 of 10.03.1993 on the privatization of the housing fund

This law establishes the basic principles and conditions of privatization of the housing fund. The purpose of the law is to realize the rights of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova to choose freely the way to meet the needs in the dwelling, to ensure the integrity of the housing fund, to create premises for the housing market and the creation workshops located in the unfit housing dwellings (in the basements, at technical floors in annexed rooms and annexes, former apartments in residential houses that are classified as damaged or unfit for living (hereinafter referred to as "workshops").


STATUTE of Municipal Enterprise for Housing Management

Total blocks administered by IMFGL-1559


STATUTE of the Association of Owners of Privatized Housing

Total blocks administered by APLP-1006


STATUTE of the Association of Condominium Owners

Total blocks administered by ACC-671


STATUTE of the Housing Construction Cooperative

Total blocks administered by CCL-373