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— 1992-1988: Institute of Economic Forecasting, Academy of Science, Moscow, fellowship on transition economy
— 1983-1986: Central Econometric and Mathematic Institute (CEMI), Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, post-graduate studies
— 1976-1988: Department of Economics, Chisinau State University

Qualifications and research areas
— Project coordinator of the National Business Agenda
— Providing regular consulting and training in management and development of business associations and chambers in Moldova and Ukraine
— Certified Trainer on Economy and Pedagogy, National Council on Economic Education
— Training of Trainers Exchange Program, Department of Education and States Department of United State
— Researcher and part-time lector at the Research Centre CETRA, associated with International Institute of Management
— National Expert, SEC/UNDP Project Moldova 21 National Strategy for Sustainable Developme
— National Expert, UNDP/GEF Project Danube River Basin Pollution Reduction Programme
— Private sector development expert and consultant in Moldova in different international projects
— Executive Secretary, Supreme Economic Council (S.E.C.), President Office of the Moldova
— Researcher, Institute of Economy, Academy of Science, Moldova, Chisinau

VICTOR PARLICOV, Expert în energy policies


— Bachelor in International Economic Relations (Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova), Chisinau, 2000

Qualifications and research areas
— Policies in the energy sector
— Economic policies
— Business environment
— Evaluation of strategies, plans, economic sectors
— Business Management
— Evaluation of public policies
— The expertise of laws and regulations
— Advocacy campaigns, lobby, information and dissemination of information
— Business consultancy, training

VIOREL PIRVAN, Legal Expert 


ANA-MARIA VEVERITA, Specialist in communication and visibility

— School of Advanced Journalism (2015)
— Faculty of International Relations, Political and Administrative Sciences, USM (2013)
— Faculty of Sociology, State University of Moldova (2010)

Qualifications and research areas
— Local sustainable development (transparency and financial accountability of local authorities, identifying and promoting best practices)
— Policies and quality of public services
— Sociological research and analysis
— Institutional Communication and PR


VEACESLAV IONIȚĂ, Expert in economic policies

— Doctor of Economics (2000)

Qualifications and research areas— Finance
— Business regulation
— Develop economic studies
— Finance, real sector
— Investment
— Macroeconomics