Invoices are about 30% lower thanks to the horizonal centralized heating

Residents of the first apartment building in the capital, who decided to upgrade the internal distribution system and installation of the Individual Heating Station, right in the basement of the building, today rejoice at the first results. Tenants registered savings of about 30% in accounts, and tenants of 3 apartments in which individual boilers were installed earlier, refused to autonomous heating in favor of a centralized one.

And that is because they can switch on / off and adjust the temperature as needed, have non-stop hot water at lower prices, have their own meter and contract with Termoelectrica S.A., being also independent of the association of tenants or neighbors, and most importantly they have eliminated the risk of explosion and poisoning by harmful substances that can be caused by gas boilers.

According to the CEO of Termoelectrica SA, Veaceslav Eni, in consequence of the comparative financial analysis, in January, residents of the house with the old distribution system paid 28.94 lei for heating 1 m², while tenants who upgraded the internal system paid 15.02 lei For 1 m². Thus, we see savings of at least 30%.

Together, residential buildings of the capital, can get a more efficient heating system at the best price. We want this practice to be successfully transferred, gradually, to all associations of tenants and managers of apartment houses in the capital, so that each consumer will receive better services,“added Veaceslav Eni.

The works are carried out within the framework of the partnership agreement signed by the administration of Termoelectrica and the Association of co-owners in the condominium ACO 51/417. Thus, Termoelectrica took responsibility for the development of a technical project, the design, installation and commissioning of 5 individual heating stations for heating and hot water supply (DHW) in 5 apartment buildings, as well as the installation of meters of thermal energy consumption, and the association of tenants is responsible for the restoration of the internal system by installation of horizontal distribution in the apartments and installation of hot water meters. In the remaining 4 houses the activities will begin this spring.

Source: Au renunțat la încălzirea autonomă și s-au reconectat la sistemul centralizat. Facturile sunt cu cca 30% mai mici

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