Procedure for registering a condominium

According to Law no. 913 of 30.03.2000 condominium for the housing stock, Art. 16 and 17:

Article 16. Association of co-owners

    (1) The co-owners' association shall be established by at least two owners for the maintenance, operation and repair of the dwelling (s) belonging to them and of the joint ownership of the condominium, for assuring the members of the association with communal services and other services for the representation and defense of interests them.

    (2) Founders of the co-owners' association may be the owners of dwellings (rooms), irrespective of the form of ownership, as well as the territorial privatization agencies or the local public administration authorities.

    (3) The co-owners' association shall be established for an unlimited duration unless the statutes provide otherwise.

    (4) The Association of co-owners is responsible for its obligations with the assets belonging to it and is not responsible for the obligations of its members, as the members are not responsible for the obligations of the association.

    Article 17. State registration of the condominium and co-owners' association

    (1) The condominium is subject to state registration in accordance with the Real Estate Cadastre Law no.1543-XIII of February 25, 1998.
    [Art.17 al. (1) amended by LP163-XVI of 09.07.08, MO140-142 / 01.08.08 art.574]

    (2) The Association of co-owners acquires the rights of the legal entity from the time of the state registration to the state registration body.

    (3) At the same time as the registration of the association of co-owners, it shall be registered separately and each dwelling (room) privatized together with the share of each owner, which shall form a separate part of the immovable property.

    (4) The Association of Owners of Privatized Housing or, as the case may be, the Housing Cooperative, operating in the Housing Block, is to be reorganized into an association of co-owners in the condominium, with its subsequent registration and condominium.

More details can be found in Law no. 913 of 30.03.2000 condominium for the housing stock