How is payment made for communal and non-communal services?

(1) The provision and payment of communal and non-communal services to owners or tenants shall be made on the basis of contracts concluded directly between service providers and owners or tenants. If the contract, for technical reasons, can not be concluded directly with the owners / tenants, it is concluded between the service providers and the manager (the condominium owners' association), who in turn concludes contracts with each owner / lessee .

    (2) The service contract stipulates obligatorily the obligations and rights of the parties, the amount, the way of paying the payment for the rendered service and other conditions.
    (3) The payment for the services rendered shall be performed according to the indicators of the meters installed in the dwelling and / or on the land. Records of water, electricity, natural gas and heat consumption shall be made on the basis of appropriate meter readings, legalized, metrologically verified in accordance with the legislation in force and installed in accordance with the technical conditions developed by the supplier.
    (4) The payment for services rendered uncontroversed in the dwelling shall be made according to the indicators of the meters installed in the block and shall be distributed by the administrator for each uncontrolled dwelling according to its total area. The payment for communal and non-community services used in places of common use and for the operation of lifts shall be made on the basis of a regulation approved by the Government.
    (5) Owners or tenants, consumers of communal and non-communal services, have the right to dismantle the dwellings belonging to them or to rent them from the communal and non-communal services. It is forbidden to disconnect from the communal and non-communal services that constitute the minimum housing requirements established according to the locality.
    (6) The non-payment by a part of the owner / lessee of the provided communal services does not justify the total dismantling of the block from the electrical networks and installations (including the lifts), from the thermal networks, gas, water supply and sewerage, unless otherwise provided in the service contract.
    (7) The natural and legal persons who own or use in the dwelling premises rooms other than the dwelling shall pay, necessarily, the expenses related to the provision of communal and non-communal services contracted with the provider or with the administrator. Such contracts shall be concluded by all natural and legal persons owning or using goods placed on the land belonging to the dwelling.
    (8) The owners of the individual houses are obliged to pay for the communal and non-communal services provided under the contracts concluded directly with the service providers, as well as for the maintenance, servicing and repairing of the common property, when the individual houses are located on the adjacent lands, management of the co-owners' association in the condominium, in the case of receiving such services, whether the owners of these houses are members of the association or not.
    (9) In the contracts concluded directly by the providers of communal and non-communal services with the final consumers, the providers will also provide services for the common needs of the block.

Law No. 75 of 30.04.2015 on housing